About us - The kind who delivers

One of our main strengths is our general knowledge in many different areas, which allows us to move fast and take on projects involving various areas of your business.

Clevero started simply because most if not all, consultancy firms that are so-called &aposexperts&apos charge a small fortune per hour and provide timely estimates that are insane. Additionally, too many people usually get involved even in simple projects and tasks. Therefore, I started Clevero to offer services within the IT sphere at a more affordable price and with accurate estimates. We prioritize transparency and refrain from adding charges merely because there is room in the estimate.

At Clevero, we aren&apost afraid to question or try new things. We believe that it&aposs essential to be transparent when collaborating with others. So, here&aposs to being transparent – we might not be the most qualified or the ones who produce the most beautifully written code, but what we do is deliver.

Applications built
Current & previous clients
Automations made

Process - What the process usually looks like

As each project is unique the process can differ based on your needs.

  • Contact. During our first couple of interactions, we will outline what you need help with and determine if we are a good fit for each other.
  • Agreement. Once we have decided to work together we will sign an agreement outlining the scope of the project and the expectations.
  • Work. We&aposll get to work and keep you posted when needed and deliver great results for you.

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